RTI Human Rights Activist Association

16th April 2024

RTI Human Rights Activist Association

RTI Human Rights Activist Association

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Activist code of conduct

Code of Conduct for active members and office bearers Picture

  1. While establishing a branch of the Right to Information Activists Federation, at least five citizens must come together as office bearers.


  1. Branches of RTI Federation can be established at district, taluka, city, village. It consists of 1. President, 2. Executive President, 3. Vice President 4. Secretary 5. Joint Secretary.
  2. Main Organizer 8. Sub-Organizer 9. Co-Organizer,
  3. Chief Liaison Head, 11. Liaison Head 12. Co-Liaison Head 13. Chief Publicity Head, 14. Publicity Head 15. Co-Head of Publicity and 16. Social Media Head.


  1. Each branch is required to hold at least one meeting of RTI every month. The report should include the names and mobile numbers of the members present at the meeting.


  1. It is mandatory for each branch to add at least five new members every month for the propagation of RTI Act.


  1. The names and mobile numbers of at least five office bearers will have to be printed on any branch of Right to Information Activists Federation while issuing letterpad. The letter pad is the cell of the entire branch. The president, executive president or any other office bearer will not be able to print and use the personal letter pad with only one name.


  1. Letterpad can be used for correspondence with administrative establishments for various demands. At least three office bearers and members are required to sign the demand form on each letterpad given to government establishments and people’s representatives.


  1. A rubber stamp can be made in any branch under the name of Right to Information Activists Federation but the responsibility of using this stamp responsibly will rest with the President, Working President and other prominent office bearers.


  1. Letterpad or rubber stamp of RTI Federation cannot be used on Form A, B or C for requesting information. It is strictly forbidden to ask for information from government office by writing and printing RTI application on letterpad.


  1. Every office bearer and every member of the Federation of Right to Information Activists is strictly prohibited from engaging in any illegal activities and misconduct while exercising the Right to Information Act. Action will be taken.


  1. In case of violation of any of the provisions of this Code of Conduct by the workers, immediate disciplinary action will be taken.
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